The Family



He’s been through five years of anger management therapy but sometimes he’s not sure how much it helped him. Pinto's self-awareness turns on and off. Since he believes that he “graduated” from therapy, Pinto feels like it’s his duty to share his wisdom. Despite his past anger issues, he’s a good-natured bean who majored in Variety Show Hosting at Hazelwood Hosting College to please his old man. Also, he loves mind puzzles and novelty gadgets of all sorts. Pinto’s favorite food is grilled Baramundi because he thinks the name sounds sophisticated. Unfortunately, he calls all white fish Barramundi.


She is Pinto’s wife and is a loving mother to their two children. She has always been supportive of Pinto even when he was a manager at Spensee’s Gifts in the mall. Often, she tries to influence Pinto to be less naive. Flo is a sharp, competitive, female bean who loves to cook “fancy gourmet experiments”, as Pinto calls them. A self-professed “rock hound”, she co-owns a rock & gem shop called "U-Rock" with her best friend, Deb. Flo was a college athlete and her celebrity crush is the new age musician, Yarni.


Lucy is a 16 year old bean who, (duh), wants to be popular at her high school. She is intelligent and has strong principles.  In spite of being embarrassed by her dad, Lucy loves him and sometimes has to subtly guide him. She dreams of getting a scholarship to the Chatsworth Acting Academy and becoming an actress.


Max is a 14 year old gamer bean who loves all things tech and sci-fi. He spends most of his free time sitting in front of his computer screen wearing his gaming headset.  Max views himself as much more intelligent than he actually is and can be condescending, especially to Pinto. IRL, Max has few friends and is socially awkward. In his mind, he’s just biding his time in his parents' house until the whole world recognizes him as a tech genius and he is famous.